About Somerset Bus Partnership

Somerset Bus Partnership was established in April 2021 by bus passengers, councillors, transport campaigners, transport enthusiasts, bus user groups and individuals living in the Somerset County Council area.

The organisation was formed in response to the Government’s Bus Strategy for England – BUS BACK BETTER that states bus passengers should have more of a voice and that Bus Advisory Boards be formed.

Somerset Bus Partnership is not aligned with, and does not promote the views or policies of, any one political party. We work with all political parties to improve buses across Somerset. 


Our Aim

Is to provide a voice for Somerset people so that their views are heard on what they want from bus services and get … where they want to be … when they want to be … and the journey is reliable, comfortable and affordable. Key to the journey experience means easy access to information about their buses, improved bus stops and bus stations, integration with other modes of transport and priority being given to buses, especially in urban areas.

Our Purpose

Is to promote, increase and sustain buses and public transport in general, throughout the county of Somerset and to make the bus increasingly the preferred way to travel and  ensuring buses integrate better with other transport modes.

We seek to engage with Somerset County Council and neighbouring LTAs, with District Councils and locally with Town and Parish Councils across all of Somerset. And, importantly, with the bus operators.


In Somerset, there are many important cross border bus routes hence we are already in active dialogues with partner groups in Wiltshire, WECA (Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset), Dorset and Devon


Our Chairs

We currently have Co Chairs: Tony Reese, Peter Travis, Glen Burrows, and John Hassall, each covering roughly the areas of the four District Councils.

Tony Reese can be contacted at tony.reese@mail.com  Tony is a user and enthusiast for all public transport.  He is concerned about Climate Change and sees public transport as part of the solution.  As he is getting on (he's already 74) he knows there will come a time when he can't continue to drive, and wants to make sure that there will be useable public transport when that time comes.  He covers the South Somerset District Council area.

Tony Reese

Glen is a  former rail-worker, Glen believes that the development of an integrated, accessible, reliable and affordable public transport system is vital to our health and wellbeing, as well as to the future of our planet. She believes that people will  use cars less when they have confidence in the local public transport system. Glen helped to set up Bridgwater Transport Forum, Friends of Bridgwater Station and Bridgwater Bus Users Group and is an active member of all three. She is a former Bridgwater Town Councillor. 

peter travis.jpg

Peter Travis can be contacted at peter.plustravis@gmail.com  Peter is an adman who has developed a host of award-winning campaigns promoting airlines, airports, cruise ships and tourist destinations as well as local campaigns for buses and trains. His favourite way to travel is upstairs at the front of a double decker! He covers the Mendip District Council area.

John Hassall covers the South West and Taunton area.