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Somerset Bus Partnership has increased significantly its activities last year and plan to again for 2023. 

We are pushing for a better public transport network in Somerset and meaningful funding to support the network.

Most of our day-to-day costs have been funded from our own pockets (we have spent £1,750 of our own money to-date) but we really need to establish a 'fighting fund' and covering basic costs (everything from photocopying of timetables for events, website hosting, marketing material etc).

We are hoping that people will support us,  even if you can only give a couple of quid, it will really help. Thank you!

contact us if you can help finncially. 


Trust Fundraising


We will also be lookin to put in fundraising bits in 2023 for trusts and organisations who support volunatary groups likes Somerset Bus Partnership. If you know of any trusts or organisations who Somerset Bus Partnership can apply to please let us know. 

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