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We have a number of volunteer positions. Please see below.

We try where possible to match your skills, interest and how you want to develop to any volunteering positions. 

More hands make light appreciate any offers of support. You can take on as much or as little of any of the tasks below. 


- Admin support

  • Managing Somerset Bus Partnership's email inbox. Sending and replying to emails.  

  • Send out email updates to Somerset Bus Partnership database 

  • Updating databases / excel spreadsheets

  • Liaise with Bus User Groups and Bus Champions. 

  • Manage and update Somerset Bus Partnership calendar of activities and meetings. 

- Event Management

  • Manage Big Green Week (June 10 - 18) and Catch The Bus Month (September) events for Somerset Bus Partnership

  • Manage and update events calendar. 

  • Liaise with Somerset Bus User Groups over requirements for events e.g timetables, marketing material, surveys, petitions and other adhoc requests. 

  • Liaise with Bus Users UK 

  • Liaise with bus operators to get copies of timetables. 

  • Organise and send out event packs to Somerset Bus User Groups.

  • Attend some of the events.  

  • Update the risk assessment for events. 

- Communications / marketing 

  • Managing the Somerset Bus Partnership website.

    • Writing copy for our website e.g articles on free activities to do by bus. Creating new pages and updating the website as required

    • Producing basic monthly analytic reports of how the website has performed. 

  • Liaising with designers to produce leaflets, bus promotional material, pull up banners, other banners and other material. Writing copy if you feel you are able to. 

  • Writing articles for the media (newspapers and parish magazine).

Social Media Management

  • Managing Somerset Bus Partnership's social media platforms including writing copy for new posts, replying to posts and messages. Monitoring our social media analytics. 

  • Keeping abreast of transport related social media.

- Secretary

  • Attending twice monthly Zoom meetings which last typical 1.5 hours. 

  • Write up minutes of meetings

  • Arrange meetings and producing  and update papers for the meetings.

- Fundraising

  • Researching trusts, organisations and companies we can write to apply for fundraising.

  • Writing fundraising proposals

- Bus audits

We need people to go out and check bus stops and identify any issues. We can supply all the paperwork you need and give you training on this. 

- Leadership team

We have leadership team places available. If you have a real passion for public transport and campaigning do get in touch. We would love to have you on board. 

- Planning
Do you have advice in planning matters and can review key planning applications and feedback?

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