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Case Studies

These case study videos are a few years old but provide a snap shot

of why it is important to keep bus services running and provide an

weekend and evening bus service. 

Have you been affected by the recent bus service cuts? Please do

get in contact with us. We would like to feature you as a case study.

BBC News Points West video feature bus cuts in Rode, Somerset

including a couple of case studies.

Video case study of why buses are important to a family:

BBC News video featuring the Importance of evening bus services in


Video showing tmportance of community engagement to promote buses.

Rode village welcoming back it's bus service in style.

Video highlighting has bus cuts can affect children's ability to get to school:

Video showing how bus cuts can effect business:

Video highlighting how bus cuts can threaten peoples jobs who rely on buses to get to work:

Video showing buses being a lifeline to a local community



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